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5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

A mixed weekend ahead overall with winds easing across the country. Showers and outbreaks of rain continue to affect most areas with the detail following below. 1 - Another blustery day on Saturday with the remnants of Storm Ellen staying close by but moving to the northeast. Winds lighter overall


Why do storms get names? Back in 2014 the Met Office wanted to give deep areas of low pressure, that have high potential for causing widespread destruction, names to make the public more aware of their potential  destructive power. The first wind storm to be named was Abigail on the 10th

High Winds Warning

Through the next two to three days expect wet weather to be joined by unusually strong winds for the time of year, reaching gale force strengths in some places on Friday. Below, the wind strengths and potential gusts have been outlined in more detail for Thursday and Friday this week.