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5 Week Ahead Weather Things to Know

Tuesday and Thursday are certainly shaping up to be the more "interesting" days in weather terms this week with Thursday's area of low pressure bringing a change in conditions across Ireland and the UK. Here are 5 "things to know" for this week ahead. 1 - Monday sees a mixture of

JMA Monthly Update

We didn't bring you the usual weekly update from the JMA Monthly model in our Look Ahead videos this week as we've been focussing on the shorter-term prospects for you here in the UK and Ireland. So here is a look at the latest 500 hectoPascal height anomaly charts from

What’s Going on in the Gulf?

In the Gulf of Mexico that is... Latest forecasts from the National Hurricane Center (NHC) suggest the possibility of not just one, but two hurricanes located in the Gulf of Mexico through the early part of next week. As of this writing (Friday evening) we have Tropical Depression 14 (as yet un-named)