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A forgettable summer ahead?

The more I am looking at predictions for summer, the more I am getting a phrase going around and around in my head .... "forgettable by being forgettable".

The latest ECMWF output does nothing to dispel this phrase. It shows that, yes there will be some drier weather, but some distinct hits of damper weather too.

There are neither prolonged wet or dry spells, height cold or hot weather for weeks on end.

What we can do is pull out the main feature from the forecast, and these currently go something like this....

1. May should be milder and drier than April, it may be that May runs out to be a 'pleasant' month with warmish temperatures, a little rain; typically British.

2. June looks really nondescript. Dry in the south, damper Scotland and temperatures around average for many, although warm in the south.

3. July is the month which currently presents itself as cooler and more unsettled, but as for actual rain amounts, there's nothing standing out as horrendous just at the moment.

4. August isn't that bad either. Drier south, damper north and temperatures warmer than average. Again nothing notable.

5. We may be blessed with a better September, fair and warm with decent sunny days.

Note though, lots can change (and usually does), but I think although we will find it a usable year, it will be nothing to write home about.

Will keep you updated!

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