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5 Week Ahead Weather Things To Know

A change is nigh and low pressure will dominate this week, bringing rain at times and heavy showers. Here is what you need to know about the week ahead. 1- Staying warm initially: Monday will see some good sunny spells about and this will see temperatures rise to the mid and

Becoming Cooler

Through this week temperatures are expected to take a bit of a knock. The end of these warmer summer temperatures is nigh, however, western areas will carry on seeing highs in the mid 20s through into the beginning of next week. A polar maritime airmass moves in on a rather

Chat about the latest ECMWF outlook – a typical August?

This weekend marks the initial change that is upon us. Away with the hot temperatures and high pressure and in comes low pressure. Saying that, northern regions of the UK as well as Ireland and Northern Ireland, however, are looking to see a relative continuation of the warmer and drier