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Cool nights ahead

High pressure will dominate the weather story during the week ahead, meaning a very settled weather story will continue. Overnight temperatures will be often rather cool, dipping into single figures in many countryside locations, and a few spots down to around 5C in sheltered valleys in Wales, northern England and Scotland. The

End of the week chat about the latest ECMWF

With having the latest ECMWF data regarding the longer term out just yesterday, there are some subtle differences between the last run and this latest run. Worth noting though that the general trend of slipping back into more mixed to unsettled weather is still on the cards as we head

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

We are going to see this high pressure continue to bring settled conditions as we head through the weekend. Here is what you need to know; 1- Mainly dry: Apart from mist and fog bringing in some patchy drizzle to easternmost coasts it is going to be a dry weekend. 2- Mist