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5 week ahead things to know

As March begins, we move into the start of meteorological spring this week, so here's what to expect...

1 - Average temperatures: Overall things are going to hover around the 7 to 11C range this week, a little milder than average at times in the south, but cooler on some days if there is cloud and rain lingering.

2 - Rain at times: It's nowhere near as unsettled as some recent weeks, but there is still some heavy rain in the forecast, focused on Wales and western England on Monday, spilling eastwards with time. Further areas of rain or drizzle will move in during the week, often on fairly weak frontal systems.

3 - Some frost: High pressure will be nearby at times, so clear skies overnight will allow frost to form, chilliest across northern regions on Monday night into Tuesday when widespread sub-zero temperatures are likely. Often more cloud in the south, preventing things falling to freezing on most nights, but keep an eye on later in the week.

4 - Occasionally windy: Not as wild or stormy at all, but some breezier days will occur. Wind directions will shift around from southerly on Monday to easterly in the south by Tuesday, then back southeasterly through midweek, before eventually likely to turn west to northwesterly later in the week. Gales look unlikely though.

5 - Late week uncertainties: There's a few different scenarios possible as weakening fronts encounter high pressure later in the week. This slower moving weather situation becomes harder to pin down, so stay tuned to forecasts. Uncertainty surrounds the northward progress of fronts on Wednesday, then how soon things return to westerlies and whether a small low forms over the North Sea toward Friday.

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