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ECMWF Outlook to mid-May

As we head into April you may be forgiven for thinking the weather will be turning warmer; best forget those ideas!

The month looks to be dominated by cooler, damper conditions as the ECMWF 6-week forecast below shows ...

2nd April to 8th April
Deep trough over Scandinavia with a ridge west of Ireland (see chart below).
A chilly to cold north to northwesterly wind.
Driest weather in Ireland, sunny spells here.
Most showers, some wintry on hills in northern and eastern Scotland and eastern England.
Overnight frosts.

9th April to 15th April
Low pressure remains over Scandinavia.
Strong westerly flow may affect the UK and Ireland.
Remaining chilly, although not so cold.
Wet with rain especially in the north.
All places unsettled.

16th April to 22nd April
Ridge of high pressure may build.
This should bring drier conditions.
Briefly better weather, warmer and sunny.
Best sunshine in the east and warmest weather here too.
Becoming more unsettled later in the week in Ireland.

23rd April to 29th April
Ridge of high pressure to the east.
Fair start in the east and warm.
Some showers in the west, perhaps more rain in Ireland.
Showers developing for all during the week.

30th April to 6th May
Trough develops over south of the UK.
Possible becoming thundery in England, Wales and Ireland.
Mild to warm in south.
Drier for Scotland with high pressure north and easterly flow.
Cooler eastern Scotland, mild west.

7th May to 13th May
Trough remains over the UK.
Further thundery showers are likely.
Conditions may turn more mixed or unsettled with rain.
Near average temperatures.



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