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Welcome bits of rain this week, but not that much

There's been some welcome rain today across southeast England and parts of East Anglia with showers further west.

This is good news as rainfall was needed, but a wider look at the weather of this week shows that whilst there is more on the way for most, actually amounts are likely to be relatively low.

Below is forecast total rainfall to 1pm Friday afternoon, and this includes rain that has fallen so far today.

Notice the higher totals across the southeast, most of this is today's rainfall. Also, western Scotland sees 30mm+, again, much of it falling today.

But considering we have fronts passing from west to east today, Wednesday and Thursday, actual rainfall totals remain on the low side.

It's better than nothing of course, and for those of you silaging, there's certainly good news as higher pressure builds towards the end of the week.

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