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Cooler flow for the rest of May

Overnight minimum temperatures are relatively low through the rest of this month thanks to a north to north-easterly wind wanting to set up across the country from the weekend. The minimum temperatures could dip as low as 3 or 4C in places that are more isolated, 4 to 7C more

It’s all to do with the jet stream

It is rather windy currently and the gusts are expected to get even higher through tomorrow for some. The Jet Stream being the culprit as is currently right over the UK. See chart below showing the position of the Jet over Scotland into northern England at midnight on Friday 27th

Next week difficulties

After analysing the latest ECMWF model run that came out yesterday, I think it still stands that we should make the most of this upcoming dry period before the conditions look quite set in falling apart to some degree. This would then make it more difficult to find a number