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5 week ahead weather things to know

The most unsettled spell of the 'summer'...

1 - Bursts of rain and thunderstorms: An unstable weather pattern will bring some lively outbreaks of rain to much of the country through the week ahead. When it rains, it will be often heavy, sometimes with thunder. Most places will total up 20-30mm this week (see rain chart below), but there will be locally higher spot figure from downpours.

2 - The southwest, plus southern Highlands wettest: Prevailing south to southwesterly winds and the close proximity of low pressure means southwest England, south Wales and southern Ireland will see frequent rain, whilst onshore winds off the North Sea will pull frequent rain into the southeastern Scottish Highlands.

3 - Warm and humid: The southerly airflows maintain a muggy feel early this week, with top temperatures into the low or mid-20s Celsius, warmest in eastern England. Overnight temperatures will stay mild, well up in double figures through midweek.

4 - Cooler later: As low pressure pulls eastward, the wind flow turns to the northeast, although essentially it is still the same air re-circulating around, so don't expect a big fall of temperature, but the northeast will feel chillier, plus some cooler nights are likely late in the week as skies begin to clear.

5 - Watching the Atlantic hurricane: Danielle is the storm system which is drifting around slowly west of the Azores, and will influence our patterns in some form late in the week. Much uncertainty surrounds the story by the weekend, but the best suggestion is for the ex-hurricane to move away north, allowing a brief ridge to build and a fair weather window into the weekend, before fronts return.

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