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5 week ahead weather things to know

A variable week, then all eyes on pattern developments further ahead.

1 - Mixed up Monday: The weekend leftovers are going to provide nuisance value rain or showers, focused toward the west and north, but a belt of showery rain slips across southern counties this morning.

2 - Ridge builds: Dry for most into Tuesday, local showers toward the southeast. Some fog patches in central Scotland under light winds. A warm front approaches the far northwest.

3 - Windy and wet midweek western Scotland: Westerly winds come powering back in across the north, with high rainfall values over the western Highlands giving 50-100mm in a couple of days Wednesday-Thursday.

4 - Staying dry central, south and east: Higher pressure nearby keeps things quieter for much of England. Some drizzly rain for the Lakes and west Wales.

5 - Average temperatures, little frost, for now... Temperatures nudging toward double digits this week, with overnight values for many staying around 5C, with only some Highland glens dipping low enough to worry about frost. By the end of the week a chillier northerly is developing, for how long is another question, but it could be a taste of things ahead into December.

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