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January Month Ahead Forecast

After a stormy start to 2016, and wet one too, the overall trend from mid-month is towards cooler weather.

Details are sketchy right now, but thoughts are that there could be a tendency to near or below average temperatures, with wintry weather in the north and east, perhaps frostier and drier west.

*1/1/16 - 8/1/16*
Unsettled conditions are going to be persisting through this week. Heavy rain and strong winds at times, with the risk of gales in the west. Tending to turn cooler.

*9/1/16 - 15/1/16*
Little change at first with hints of very unsettled weather continuing. This brings heavy periods of rain once again. However, late in the week conditions may settled and it could become colder too. Frosts becoming more widespread?

*16/1/16 - 22/1/16*
Hints of colder weather through this week with winds becoming more northwesterly. This could bring snow showers into Scotland and the hills of northern England and Wales, a few even making it to lower levels over more southern parts too.

*23/1/16 - 29/1/16*
An unsettled spell of weather, especially in eastern parts of the UK. It is likely to be colder here too with snow showers. Drier to the west, remaining chilly.

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