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5 Weather Week Things to Know

Wow, can you believe that we head into December this week? November looks to have been a chilly month, probably coming in around 1C below average nationwide. It's a chilly start to the week too, but what about the rest of the week? Here are the 5 Weather Week Things to Know... 1.

CFS sends the chilly signals but not the detail

THE CFS has been providing some confusing solution to the December forecast in recent days. It's been all over the shop with NAO and AO predictions, rowing back from it's stable ideas for the last few weeks of a predominantly negative set of indices. But the latest run looks a little

10hPa warming means more cold?

Just a quick heads up... here's the 10hPa hemispheric chart for now...   And here it is in a weeks time...notice the warming 'tongue' breaking free over Canada. Could be the harbinger to some colder weather arriving again mid to late month.