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ECMWF 46-day into mid-May

After a couple of weeks of not being the most reliable of models, the ECMWF 46-day looks to be back on track in it's latest run. Here's the latest thinking going into the middle of May; it's a pattern dominated by high pressure (see chart below). 1st April to 7th April Ridge extends

A cooler autumn says JAMSTEC but can we trust it?

JAMSTEC is, as I wrote last week, one of the models I have to confess to rather dismissing. It tends not to be particularly accurate, or at least it hasn't been in recent years. But something is different about these runs of the model. They look more believable. I don't think I

5 Weather Week Things to Know

It's a new week and here are the top 5 weather things you need to know this week. 1. It's going to be getting more unsettled as the week progresses. 2. Make the most of the dry weather and sunny spells today (Monday) as cloud is going to be increasing with a