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FREE: Woooaaaahhh there farmers, don’t get ahead just yet!

We've been taking lots of calls over the last few days (on our WeatherLive service ) from farmers anxious to know if the dry weather will last, whether winter has finished and if we are in for another hot, dry summer.

Our response has been a loud, "wooaahhh there!".

What we have right now is exceptional. There's another day of fine weather to come on Wednesday, but after that all; the signs are that we return to something one might expect early March as the seasonal 'lion' says hello.

Indications of damper and cooler weather (than recently) have been building, and Weatherweb Premium members have been being briefed over the previous months about prospects running through spring and summer.

The message right now is that the weather is likely to become unsettled in the first half of March, and perhaps cooler too. Yes, there could even be some snow over the hills of northern England and Scotland.

The good news is that the signals for later in the month are pretty good with a return to fairer weather possible (although it's still a long way away).

Over the coming days we'll be updating our Premium members on the latest prospects for spring and summer, that's after our forecast for March is issued on Wednesday morning.

If you aren't a Premium member yet then you can get a free 3-day trial now here.

If you are a Premium member, get ready for a lot of weather information to come your way in the coming week or so!

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