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Good news on rainfall for first half of this week

Some good signs for the early stages of the coming week with less rainfall than we have seen in recent days. Here’s the forecast total rainfall map from now until the end of Wednesday. The rainfall in eastern areas is mostly down to showers caused by the unstable northerly flow this weekend.

Rough Seas for Eastern Areas on Saturday

With strong to near gale force winds persisting through Saturday for coastal regions of eastern England as well as southeastern Scotland, it shouldn't come as a surprise that we've got rough conditions forecast through the western North Sea on Saturday. The above charts show the forecast wind speeds for

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

To sum up this coming weekend, settled is the term, of course, once the rain clears after today (Friday). 1- Drier, once the rain clears easternmost areas on Friday. 2- Cooler as winds become northerly as low pressure tracks east and high pressure builds in from the west. 3- Sunshine looks to be in