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Temperature contrast

Below shows two charts, both are model predictions. The first chart shows the maximum temperatures that were predicted for yesterday by the GFS model (which were more or less correct) and below this chart are the predicted maximum temperatures for next Saturday 3rd December. There is a marked difference in

ECMWF 6-Week outlook staying consistent

The ECMWF model latest six week outlook came out yesterday and we can now build on a consistent story for December and get a good insight into how the start of January wants to look currently. Here are the latest thoughts from ECMWF; 28th November to 4th December High pressure is strong over

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

A windy weekend ahead with some rain about. Here are the five things you should know; 1- Windy: Saturday in particular will see storm force winds over exposed ground further north, though most will be windy and gusty as the front moves through on the day. 2- Rain: A frontal band of

Is the NAO predicting a change for winter?

The NAO forecast from Kyle McRitichie's site shows a definite slip towards a negative pattern. This implies the weakening of the westerly winds across the Atlantic, and hints that things turn more easterly. In fact, just see how the index is not forecast to to go back positive for any length of

Temperatures cooling across the hemisphere

The forecast temperature anomaly forecast for the coming 7-days below shows three distinct areas of good across the northern hemisphere. First across the central and eastern USA and Canada. Here temperatures fell in the last few days with the first real snowfall of winter hitting several locations. Second, the temperature fall over

ECMWF 6-Week Outlook Into the New Year

ECMWF latest outlook through into the start of the new year came out yesterday. The good news is the high pressure is still set to build in across the country come December. The uncertainty is now turning in to be for how long? Here are the latest thoughts from ECMWF ... 21st November

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

The weekend is coming up, is it as unsettled as we have been? Here are the five things you should know; 1- Frosty start: Both Saturday and Sunday have the potential to start frosty for some as overnight minimum temperatures will in places drop below zero. 2- Chilly days: Maximum temperatures will

Rainfall today

Above are GFS panel charts showing you the sequence of the area of low pressure moving northwards across southern England last night and pushing up eastern regions of the UK through today into Friday. They show specifically rainfall totals, however, I do appreciate the detail on each chart will be