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A look at …. past, now, next…Winter 2024 to Late-February

Following on from the previous A look at...which reviewed by 10-day (decad) periods December 2023 and mid (11th -20th) January 2024 and a forecast mid-January (11th-20th) and late-January (21st-31st); with 2/3rds of the month through and with model forecasts then settling on a BIG change going into late-month a review

ECMWF 6-Week Outlook to late March

Goodness, the 6-week outlook is now stretching into late March...that must mean spring is just around the corner! A word of caution with this forecast, which you will already know if you saw yesterdays Look Ahead . There's been a change in the ECMWF forecast going into March, mostly due to higher

5 things to know for the weekend

Good day all, Well the weekend is coming fast, so here are the 5 main things to know weather-wise: Any snow will be confined over higher ground in Scotland on Saturday Saturday will be rather cloudy with outbreaks of rain, this possibly heavy over east Scotland and east England. Drier and

Sudden Stratospheric Warming Ahead?

Hi all, So the last few days most global forecasting models are suggesting with an increasing signal that another Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW) will take on the 3rd week of February. First of all, we need to note that when a SSW event occurs the models are becoming messy. The reason

MJO update for the next month

It's always interesting to see where the MJO is forecast to go and to tie it in with where we are in terms of a longer range forecast. Below is the CFS MJO taking us to early March. The coloured lines are what we are interested in and see how they pass

That snow problem again

It's a problem that has blighted meteorologists in the UK and Ireland since the advent of modern forecasting in the 20th Century, and that problem is snow! Modelling has helped but there is still so much uncertainty surrounding it that it leaves us frustrated, although I admit we are probably still

5 Week Ahead Weather Things To Know

The start of the new week is bringing some forecasting problems. Things could be about to turn wintry, but there's much uncertainty as to the extent of any wintery weather. Here are the latest ideas as of Monday afternoon... 1. Tuesday is a damp day for much of northern England, central and Southern

5 Weekend Weather Things To Know

Good day all! Well the weekend is very near, so here are your 5 Weather Things To Know to know for the upcoming weather: 1) It will be a rather cloudy weekend, with the darkest skies over western Scotland and Ireland. 2) Outbreaks of rain or drizzle is expected in west, with some

Mild weather continues

Hello all, So even though we had a good taste of winter a few weeks back, the mild weather is here and will stay for at least a week! Below you can see the maximum and minimum temperatures for London area for the next 8 days. As you can see double

February 2024 – Final Guidance

+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++ FEBRUARY 2024 - FINAL GUIDANCE ============================ Issued: Wednesday 31st January 2024 Contact: HEADLINES ========== + Mixed start + Becoming drier & colder + Some wintry showers FACTORS AFFECTING FEBRUARY 2024 FINAL GUIDANCE ============================================== + Higher pressure building + Jet stream