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Five Week Ahead Weather Things To Know

A cold Arctic northerly airmass moves in this week. Here are five things you should know about the week ahead; 1- Bitterly cold temperatures are expected throughout the week ahead with Tuesday and Wednesday struggling to see highs rise much above freezing for many. Exposed in any wind it will feel

February 2023 – Preliminary Guidance

+++ THIS FORECAST IS FOR PRIVATE CLIENTS ONLY AND MAY NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR COPIED IN ANY WAY WITHOUT PRIOR PERMISSION. +++ FEBRUARY 2023 - PRELIMINARY GUIDANCE ==================================== Issued: Sunday 15th January 2023 Contact: HEADLINES ========== + Mixed to changeable + South to south-westerly winds dominate + Possible battle between the mild and cold FACTORS AFFECTING FEBRUARY 2023 PRELIMINARY

Problems with snow next week

Next week poses a high risk of snow to lower levels due to the low temperatures we are expecting. Now, snow needs precipitation as well as cold temperatures for it to form. In a northerly wind flow for the UK northern regions of Scotland would generally get hit hardest with

A cold northerly next week

Another cold, northerly stint is expected through much of next week which will drop temperatures significantly right across the country again, particularly from Tuesday though Thursday when maximum temperatures for many are likely to sit around or below freezing during this time. See below for the latest from the GFS

5 Weekend Weather Things to Know

Its a chilly and mixed weekend coming up. Here are five things you should know; 1- Heavy rain overnight Friday into Saturday across particularly parts of England and Wales. 2- Showers turning wintry across England and Wales towards higher slopes. 3- Snow expected over higher ground through Scotland, rain down towards coasts and

More on the seasonal guidance for Spring and Summer

In yesterday's Look Ahead video I highlighted the latest guidance from ECMWF for spring and summer 2023. I thought it worth just emphasising the pressure maps again. Below is the pressure anomaly forecast for February, March and April showing a higher probability of low pressure southwest of Ireland. Then look at May, June

ECMWF 6-Week into late February

The end of winter must be close because the 6-week ECMWF model output now almost gets us to the end of February. But does the weather know that winter is nearly over? It's touch and go so read below... 14th January to 20th January Staying unsettled. Rain, gales at times as low pressure s