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Here we go again, snow & sleet Thursday afternoon

Latest models showing the rain, sleet and snow risk for today. Forecast rain/snow for midday has it over northwest England, southwest & southern Scotland and Wales, could be a fair bit of snow over the hills, add in the strong winds and unpleasant ...   3pm forecast has heaviest snow southern Scotland and

Air pollution Weatherweb review

Today's declaration of UK air quality being an 'emergency' is finally giving an airing (sorry) to what I think is one of the most unreproted yet serious stories in the UK today. It's a story that I've been writing about at for several years. I want to make it quite clear again

What the ECMWF 46-day says for May & early June

The latest update of the ECMWF 46-day model forecast is available. As you know, I can't show the graphics here (although the latest day 10 forecast pressure and 500mb heights are shown below) , but I will describe it's findings to you. These will form part of our forecast for May

More frosty nights ahead

Conditions remain cold for the coming nights. best to get prepared. Here are lows overnight into Thursday morning...   Wednesday night has a widespread and hard frost...   With Thursday night seeing snow across many northern areas, and so despite a frost it won't be quite as cold as previous nights ...  

Have we hit on our summer comparison year?

You'll know that we've been looking around for some time for a year that could compare to 2016. Yes, it's cold outside, but it's been cold before. Add on to that the fact that the strong El Nino is now pulling away, and that the long range forecasting models really are